The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine


Laparoscopic artificial insemination (LAI) and embryo transfer (ET) were used to produce cross-bred blackcolored goat. In Experiment 1, LAI with frozen-thawed semen of black buck (Australian Melaan) was performed in 75% Saanen cross-bred does (white color, n = 70). The total numbers of 68 kids were born from 50 does. The skin colors of kids born were black (10.29%), white (39.71%) and other colors (50%). In Experiment 2, two cross-breeding programs were tested including program I: frozen semen of Australian Melaan inseminated to Black Bengal female (n = 7) and program II: frozen semen of Black Bengal inseminated to 50% Australian Melaan (n = 7). For embryo transfer program, the donors were superovulated and inseminated through laparoscopy with frozen semen at 21 hours after estrus. Thirty embryos at 4-8 cell stages (day 3) were surgically collected and transferred into 30 recipients (75% Saanen cross-breed) at approximately 60 hours following LAI. Pregnancy rates were 30%. Nine kids born from both programs were black in color with 2.56±0.95 kg birth weight. It is concluded that laparoscopic insemination and embryo transfer can be successfully combined to produce and sustain the genetic potential encoding the black colored skin.



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