The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine


The present study aimed to identify specific and upregulated proteins in virulent SS2 strain that mightconfer pathogenicity. We performed a comparative proteomic assay to analyze the difference in secretome betweenvirulent SH-08 strain and avirulent SH-YH07 strain. Virulence of tested strains was determined using porcine andzebrafish models. The supernatant from bacterial cultures was collected at early exponential phase (OD600 = 0.4).Proteomic assay identified 52 proteins from the virulent strain supernatant and 29 proteins from the avirulent strainsupernatant. Twenty-three proteins were found in the culture medium from both strains. Among these commonproteins, eleven were upregulated by the virulent strain compared to the avirulent strain as shown by a label-freequantitative strategy. The mRNAs of all differentially secreted proteins were analyzed by real time PCR to determineif the transcription of these proteins was also different. Subsequently, the mRNA levels of differentiated proteinswere further analyzed in two other virulent strains (HA9801, ZY05719) and one avirulent strain (T15). Thisinvestigation demonstrated major differences in the secretome between a pathogenic and a nonpathogenic strain ofSS2.

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