The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine


This study was carried out to observe morphological changes of swamp buffalo endometrium at follicularand mid-luteal phases. Uterine horns were collected from female buffaloes at a local abattoir and the selected estrousstages were categorized into the follicular (n = 10) and mid-luteal (n = 10) phases. General histology andhistomorphometry were examined under light microscope (LM) whereas a scanning electron microscope (SEM) wasused to study surface epithelial changes. The results showed that the height of the endometrial epithelium, thenumber of superficial endometrial glands and the number of capillaries were significantly greater (p < 0.05) at thefollicular phase. By SEM examination, the ciliated and secretory cells with different patterns, i.e. abundant microvillion the apical part or secretory protrusion in various degrees, distinctly increased at the follicular phase. In themeantime, numerous secretory cells with stubby microvilli were covered throughout the endometrial surface withsecretory vesicles on endometrial glandular orifices at the mid-luteal phase in which the ciliated cells were sparselyseen. It was concluded that the swamp buffalo endometrium obviously revealed modifications during the estrouscycle for physiological events, i.e. sperm transport, early embryonic development and implantation.

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