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Abdominal massage (AM) is a common method for semen collection in avian species. There are few data concerning electro-ejaculation (EE) in this species. This experiment was carried out to study the effect of semen collection techniques (AM and EE) on semen quality and sperm motility parameters in three Siamese fighting cocks (Gallus gallus). EE was done under general anesthesia by isoflurane vaporizer. In experiment 1, either low voltage (5- 10 volts) or high voltage (5-30 volts) protocols for EE stimulation was applied. Ejaculations were obtained from all attempts (n= 4) in both protocols. High voltage protocol gave greater percentage of sperm motility (p= 0.01), but caused bleeding in 2/4 attempts. In experiment 2, comparison between AM and low voltage EE techniques (n= 15), the semen quality and sperm motility parameters were not significantly different (p> 0.05). After incubation for 6 hours at 37๐C, all sperm motility parameters, except linearity, were also similar (p> 0.05). All cocks safely recovered from EE. Therefore, in addition to AM, low voltage EE technique could be the alternative method for semen collection, especially for the untamed and aggressive male birds. The ability to collect semen and the evaluation of semen are important factors for the management of breeding program or the application of reproductive technologies in avian species.

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