The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine


A 6-month-old, 7.2 kg, intact female mongrel stray dog wasreferred to the Veterinary Medical TeachingHospital, National Chung Hsing University with a chief complaint of alopecia, and severe pruritus. A skin swab wasobtained for bacterial culture, and Staphylococcus pseudintermedius was identified. The definitive diagnosis was caninesuperficial pyoderma. Apitoxin aquapuncture was performed to treat superficial pyoderma once a week for 5 weeks.The acupoints used in this clinical case included GV-14 (Da Zhui), BL-13 (Fei Shu), LI-11 (Qu Chi), BL-40 (WeiZhong), ST-36 (Zu San Li), SP-6 (San Yin Jiao), and SP-10 (Xue Hai). In addition, the herbal medicines Shi Wei Bai DuTang, Huang Lian Jie Du Tang, and Wu Wei Xiao Du Yin were orally administered twice a day for 5 weeks. Theresults indicated that apitoxin aquapuncture combined with the administration of herbal medicines resulted in afavorable therapeutic effect in the treatment of canine superficial pyoderma.

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