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This clinical case describes a three-year-old male raccoon (Procyon lotor), castrated, from La Lajita Oasis ParkZoological Park (Spain) which showed lack of appetite, state of mental depression and mild dehydration. Duringclinical examination an abscess was detected in the left ventrolateral area of the neck as well as clinical signscompatible with Horner’s Syndrome in the left eye. A hypersensitivity test was carried out by sympatheticinnervation with topical epinephrine 0.0001% and results suggested the presence of second-order Horner’s Syndromeformed by pressure from the abscess on the sympathetic innervation of the left eye. A radiologic study of the neckwas performed and blood and samples of the abscess exudates were obtained. A culture of the exudates revealed thepresence of Escherichia coli. Initial treatment was introduced according to indications resulting from the previouslyobtained antibiogram. Symptoms disappeared six days after the initial treatment. While Horner’s Syndrome is acommon clinical finding in small animal clinics, it is more complicated to observe in wild carnivores, yet diagnosticand therapeutic techniques applicable to domestic animals can be used as a reference for small carnivores of theProcyonidae family.



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