The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine


Growth and survival of juvenile brown shrimp (Farfantepenaeus aztecus) in a closed recirculation seawater system at two salinities (33 and 38‰) were evaluated during 4 weeks in experimental tanks. Although the specific growth rate (SGR) was slightly higher at the treatment of 38‰ than at 33‰, no significant differences were detected for the different time intervals analyzed; however, the growth in terms of both body weight and total length was significantly faster at 38‰. In this regard, the increase in weight and total length obtained at 38‰ were 0.33 g/week and 2.15 mm/week, respectively, whereas at 33‰ were 0.21 g/week and 1.34 mm/week. Survival was not significantly different between treatments; however, slightly higher shrimp survival (95.7±6.15%) was observed in the higher salinity treatment than in the lower one (89.1±3.07%). Results of this study suggest that the brown shrimp (F. aztecus) reared in a closed recirculation seawater system produce faster growth at 38 than at 33‰ salinities.

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