The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine


In this study the reproductive and dairy performances of swamp buffaloes under intensive farm conditions were evaluated. The data of reproduction and milk production were collected from forty-eight swamp buffaloes during the period of 2001 to 2010. The reproductive and dairy performances were analyzed as mean±SD of each index. The age at first calving was 47.1±8 months and the gestation period was 321.4±11.3 days. The service per conception was 3.5±2.5, with insemination by both natural and artificial mating. The calving interval and the days open were 486.2±75.02 and 166.2±69.7 days (n=99), respectively. Additionally, there was a large increase in primiparous and aging cows. The number of conceptive cows rose significantly in November of every year, which reflects a similar period of peak milk production. The dairy performance index such as the lactation period (127.5±104.6 days), the milk production (2.0±0.9 kg/cow/day) and the milk yield (255±209 kg/lactation) were quite low. In conclusion, postpartum cows in this study had low reproductive performances which could indicate that the age at first calving, service per conception and days open in primiparous cows should be improved. Moreover, the low milk production and short lactation period found in this study suggest that swamp buffalo may not be suitable for milking.

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