The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine


Microarray containing 13319 probes was used to construct gene expression profiles in order to screendifferentially expressed genes of muscle tissues in Rugao chicken and investigate the molecular mechanism relatedwith muscle tissue traits at 2 and 12 weeks old of chicken. Two hundred and eight differentially expressed genes, ofwhich 108 were known genes, 94 up-regulated, 114 down-regulated were involved in growth, molecular mechanism,fat metabolism, cell proliferation, transcription and splicing factor, protein synthesis and degradation. Meanwhile,some genes of these differentially expressed genes that had no annotation in GenBank were screened out, they werepresumed to be unknown new genes. The differential expressions of 4 genes were confirmed by real-time quantitativePCR and the results indicated that the expression changes of these genes were generally consistent with the results ofGeneChip, a technology that could be used in breeding and selection of Chinese native chicken breeds.



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