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West Nile (WN) disease is one of the encephalitic diseases in humans and mammals. This disease has beenreported in several areas of the world. Thailand is located in the area of high risk of WN virus (WNv) infectionconcerning a natural transmission cycle. However, the WNv infection has not been previously reported. Therefore,the aim of this study was to detect WNv in mosquitoes in some areas in Nakhon-pathom and Phetchaburi provinces,central Thailand. The period of this study was done during November 2008 to November 2010. We found that therewere four genera collected including Aedes, Anopheles, Culex and Mansonia. Culex spp such as Culex gelidus andCulex quinquefasciatus was abundant and frequently collected. Fifty mosquitoes collected from each of the fifty poolswere tested for WNv by using the antigen test kit (Vectest®) and RT-PCR. All of the samples were negative for WNvin both methods. This is a preliminary report regarding WNv in mosquitoes in Thailand and concerned forepidemiology. Further study should be done to continue a close surveillance for the presence of the WNv in thenatural transmission host.

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