The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine


Virus infection requires the interaction of a virus protein with the host-cell receptor. The Influenza A virusreceptor consists of sialic acid linked to the galactose unit in a α 2,3 or α 2,6 conformation. Various types of thesereceptors are expressed differently on the epithelial lining of various animal species. Here we characterized the typesof receptors that are expressed in the upper and lower respiratory tracts of cow, buffalo, pig and quail. Our findingsdemonstrate that SA α 2,6-gal linked receptors for human influenza viruses are present in the lower respiratory tractof cow and buffalo, while the SA α 2,3-gal linked receptors for avian influenza viruses are prominent in the upperrespiratory tract of buffalo. Both types of influenza virus receptors are expressed in the respiratory tract of quail andpig.



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