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To determine the seroprevalence of caprine arthritis-encephalitis virus infection (CAEV) in goats in theWestern part of Thailand, a cross-sectional serological survey was conducted in three provinces, Ratchaburi,Petchaburi and Kanchanaburi, situated in the western part of the country along the border area. A total of 1,129serum samples from 74 randomly selected goat farms containing different breeds of goats were collected during theperiod from November 2009 to January 2011. Seroprevalence of CAEV antibodies was determined using competitiveenzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (cELISA) test. To investigate the risk factors associated with the seroprevalenceof CAEV antibodies, semi-structural questionnaires were developed and presented to farm owners to get necessaryinformation. Univariable analysis using chi-square test was employed to find out an association betweenseropositivity of CAEV and each hypothesized risk factor on both herd and individual levels. A total of 67 goats werefound seropositive with overall prevalence of 5.9% and true prevalence of 5.52% respectively. On herd level, 23 farmsout of 74 were found seropositive with the prevalence of 31%. Multivariable logistic regression model revealed herdtype (p=0.034; OR=5.026; 95% CI=1.130-22.360), herd size (p=0.006; OR=24.065; 95% CI=2.466-234.788), contact withgoats from other herds (p=0.008; OR=8.526; 95% CI=1.762-41.25), and addition of new goats into herd (p=0.044,OR=4.396; 95% CI=1.044-18.51) as risk factors for CAEV seropositivity on herd level analysis. On individual level, ageof 3 years and above (p=0.001, OR=4.288, 95% CI=1.809-10.163), herd size (p<0.001, OR=17.971, 95% CI= 7.787-41.475),and addition of new goats into herd were found to be risk factors associated with seroprevalence of CAEV antibodies.The results showed that CAEV infection existed in goat herds in the Western part of Thailand, with some risk factorsto be aware of in order to minimize the occurrence of, and economic losses due to, CAEV infection in the comingfuture.

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