The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine


Two mixed breed dogs, aged 13 years old and 12 years old, with low intraocular pressure are described.These dogs presented with low intraocular pressure (IOP) and cataract. Cataracts were treated for one year by VTPhak®. For the IOP, it was 6 mmHg in both eyes of dog A and 8 mmHg in both eyes of dog B. According to ourevaluation and based on owner’s consent, the dogs should be treated with aquaupuncture using vitamin B complexevery two weeks. Thereafter, the intraocular pressure of these two dogs was evaluated every two months. The localacupoints were BL-1 (Jing Ming), BL-2 (Cuan Zhu), TH-23 (Si Zhu-kong), ST-1(Cheng Qi), ST-2 (Si Bai), BL-18 (GanShu) and LIV-3 (Tai Chong). After 10 months of treatment, the IOP of the left and right eye in dog A were 14 mmHgand 11 mmHg, respectively and those in dog B were 20 mmHg and 23 mmHg, respectively. Thus, it is suggested thataquapuncture using vitamin B complex might be an alternative therapy to improve the intraocular pressure in dogswith low intraocular pressure.



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