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Inner cell mass (ICM) is an important source of embryonic stem (ES) cells. There are several methods thathave been developed to increase the efficiency of ICM cell isolation as well as improve the ES cells derivation rate. Inconventional ICM isolation methods, the methods currently in use destroy trophectoderm cells of blastocyst stageembryos in order to release the ICM cell clumps. These conventional methods are considered embryo destructionmethods as the embryos will be unable to survive after ICM is removed. Recently, an alternative method wasreported using single biopsied blastomeres of earlier stage embryos as a source of ES cells. This novel methodprovides a new, ethically positive option that avoids destroying the embryos. This brief review of the techniquesinvolved in ICM isolation and ES cells establishment, along with methodological comparisons, outlines thedevelopment of each technique, which may be used as a resource for choosing a suitable procedure for futureexperiments.



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