The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine


Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) culture in Mexico experiences sporadic and significant fish mortalities, wheredisease signs are associated with infectious pancreatic necrosis virus disease (IPNV). The purpose of the present workwas to support the potential of ELISA, histopathology, and RT-PCR as routine techniques for IPNV detection.Fourteen trout farms were monitored after a disease outbreak. Positive results were confirmed in different collectedorganisms from 21% of tested farms by all 3 techniques. Virus detection by ELISA and RT-PCR was successfullyperformed in only two days after the initial signs of disease were observed in fish, since these methods are fasterwhen compared to histopathology, which only detected signs of disease such as necrosis of the pancreatic acinus andintestine after 5 days. The results suggest that ELISA and RT-PCR offer an early, sensitive, faster and cheaperalternative for the routine detection of IPNV compared to cell culture and histopathology. These techniques can beperformed for fish health monitoring and are reliable tools in the control, prevention and timely detection of IPNV.

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