The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine


Bartonella hensalae is a causative agent of cat scratch disease that has serious zoonotic potential for people.The aim of the present study is to examine seroprevalence of antibodies against B. hensalae in cats and dogs along thenorthern borders of Thailand in Chiangrai, Maehongson and Nan provinces using the indirect fluorescent antibodytest (IFA). A total of 169 serum samples derived from 56 cats and 113 dogs were collected from 3 provinces along thenorthern borders of Thailand. It was found that the average percentage of positive rate to B. henselae in Chiangrai,Maehongson and Nan provinces was 73.0%, 52.0% and 0.0%, respectively with the cut-off value of 1:32. Theseroprevalence of cats from the Thailand-Myanmar border (Chiangrai and Maehongson provinces) was significantlyhigher than that of cats from the Thailand-Laos PDR border (Nan province) (61.8% vs 0.0%, p<0.001). There was noprevalence of antibodies against B. henselae from dogs in the 3 provinces.

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