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Porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV) spike (S) glyprotein and membrane (M) glycoprotein genes arebelieved to have genetic variation. The heterogeneity in those genomic sequences has been reported and is knownessentially for the diverse PEDV pathogenicity. Eight southern Vietnamese PEDVs collected from severe waterydiarrhea piglets of the recent emerging outbreaks (2009-2010) were sequenced and analyzed. The results revealedhigh nucleotide homology of the partial S gene of the current isolates at 98.9-100% and 99.7-100% identity of the fullM gene among these isolates despite dividing into two subclusters of different provincial origins. It should be notedthat the Vietnamese PEDVs contained high differences on nucleotide sequence of partial S gene with other referenceisolates in Europe (Br1/87, CV777) and in Korea (Spk1, Chinju99, DR13 and KNU-0801). The phylogeneticrelationship of both partial S and M protein genes indicated that the current Vietnamese PEDVs were in the samecluster with the Chinese isolates (JS-2004-2 and DX), the Thai isolates (07NP01, 08NP02 and 08CB01) and the recentKorean isolates (KNU-0802 and CPF299). The results suggested that the current Vietnamese PEDV isolates mighthave originated from the same Chinese ancestor undergoing genetic variation and possibly forming a new PEDVgenotype in Vietnam.

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