The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine


PCR-RFLP technique was performed to detect the distribution differences of the resistant and sensitive alleles of S631N site of Mx gene in 8 chicken populations. The results showed the average frequencies of resistant allele A and sensitive allele G were 0.4995 and 0.5005, respectively, and the average value of observed heterozygosis and Shannon’s index were 0.6163 and 0.5232. Three populations were in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium at this site (p>0.05). The Ewens-Watterson test indicated that this site was neutral in all the other populations except for Rugao. The dendrograms based on allele frequency divided the 8 populations into 3 clusters, which reflected the different charactertics of Mx gene in antiviral property between different populations. The relevance in the three kinds of genotypes and some economic traits of Wenchang and Anka were also analyzed, the result indicated there was almost no significant negative effect between Mx gene S631N and important economic traits.



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