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The purpose of this study is to identify the relationship of calcium concentration in seminal plasma on elephant semen quality including of volume, concentration, pH and percentage of progressive motility, dead sperm and abnormal morphology, respectively. Semen collection and evaluation were done in 9 elephants of Thai Elephant Conservation Centre, National Elephant Institute, Forest Industry Organization at Lampang. Calcium in seminal plasma was measured by using colorimetric method. Data were analyzed by using Linear Regression. The results revealed that amount of calcium in seminal plasma was negative correlated with only percentage of progressive motility (p<0.05). Ejaculates were separated into three groups based on their progressive motility percentage including of low, moderate and high-motile semen (0-5%, >5-40% and >50%, respectively) and analyzed by using Repeated measure ANOVA. The results revealed that percentage of dead sperm and abnormal morphology and concentration of calcium in seminal plasma of all groups were significantly difference (p<0.05). Percentage of dead sperm and seminal calcium concentration was highest in low-motile group (p<0.05). The highest percentage of abnormal morphology was also found in the low-motile group (p<0.05). However, serum calciums were not different among each group. Thus, calcium in seminal plasma may be effected to semen quality; i.e. progressive motility of Asian elephant. However, there are other factors that can influence elephant semen quality, thus, more information are needed to improve the better knowledge in male elephant reproductive biology.

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