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Cadimium (Cd) is found everywhere in the environments such as plant and animal tissues, foods, milk, atmospheric air and in the factories. A man may consume between 48-83 ug of Cd per dayfrom regular food without showing any signs of disturbances The essentiality of Cd in animal nutrition needs more research. However, it has been demonstrated that high level of Cd will cause hypertension. anemia, degeneration of ovary and testis, sterility, pulmonary necrosis and edema decrease in weight of the newborns and deformation, milk and body weight reduction in dairy cows. Cadmium toxicity is exerted through the inhibition of some enzyme systems, destruction of RBC and thrombocytes. Pretreatment with small dose of Cd gives some tolerance to the animals. The toxicity of Cd can beeleviated by Cu, ascorbic acid, zinc chelate, androgens or high protein diet. Cadmium in the air can be minimized or abolished by abatement of Zn with which it associates.



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