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The aim of this study was to investigate the freezability of Thai native crossbred (T) and purebred horse (F) sperm using different extenders. Semen samples were collected monthly from five T and four F stallions between 5 and 12 years of age. The extenders used were INRA-Y (E1), INRA-Y supplemented with 50 mM L-glutamine (E2), lactose-EDTA (E3) and lactose-EDTA supplemented with 50 mM L-glutamine (E4). Sperm motility, membrane integrity and acrosome integrity were assessed in fresh and frozen samples by computer- assisted sperm analyses (CASA; IVOS, Hamilton Thorne), HOS tests and combined FITC-PNA and PI techniques respectively. Total motility and progressive motility of post-thaw T semen were significantly higher in E3. However, no significant differences between intact membrane-acrosome and positive membrane integrity of post-thaw T semen were observed between extenders. All characteristics of post-thawed semen in extenders supple- mented with 50 mM L-glutamine tended to be lower than those without L-glutamine, and semen from one F and two T stallions could be used for cryopreservation. In conclusion, semen from T and F stallions in our study displayed poor overall freezability. Cryopreservation of stallion semen in lactose-EDTA with 4% glycerol exhibited better post-thaw semen quality. Supplementing glutamine to extenders did not produce beneficial effects on any post-thaw semen parameters examined due to poor initial freezability.

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