The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine


The experiments aimed to develop the inactivated Newcastle disease (ND) vaccine in the form of water in oil (WO) and water in oil in water (WOW) using palm oil, which is easily found in tropical countries, and to study the effect of vitamin E in the form of dl-α-tocopheryl acetate for improving the efficacy of inactivated ND vaccine prepared from palm oil. Two hundred and twenty, thirty five days old male layer chickens were divided into 11 groups each of 20 chickens. The chickens in group 1 were an unvaccinated control group. The chickens in group 2 were a live La Sota strain vaccine control group. The chickens in group 3-10 were vaccinated with a live La Sota strain vaccine combined with inactivated Newcastle disease virus (NDV) WO or inactivated NDV WOW vaccines. The chickens in group 11 were vaccinated with a live La Sota strain combined with a commercial inactivated vaccine. The viscosity of WOW vaccines was significantly less than that of WO and commercial inactivated vaccines (p<0.05). The stability test of WOW vaccines at room temperature was longer than WO vaccines. The tissue reaction of WOW vaccines was less severe than WO vaccines. The HI antibody titers and disease resistance against very virulent NDV (vvNDV) of chickens receiving palm-WO or palm-WOW vaccine combined with live vaccine or mineral-WO or mineral-WOW combined with live vaccine, were not significantly different than those of chickens receiving only live vaccine but they were higher than those of the chickens in the unvaccinated control group (p<0.05).



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