The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine


The effect of dietary ingredients such as fish meal, rock phosphate and roxarsone on the accumulation of arsenic residues in breast meat, liver and heart was examined in Arbor Acre broilers from days 1-43 of age. Broilers receiving diets containing fish meal had a significantly greater amount of arsenic in breast muscle than other groups. There was a positive correlation between muscular arsenic concentration and dietary fish meal levels. Withdrawal of fish meal for a week prior to slaughter reduced the muscular deposition of arsenic. Chicks receiving roxarsone had significantly higher arsenic level in the liver compared to other groups and arsenic levels decreased after withdraw. Neither calcium sources such as rock phosphate nor arsenic-containing growth promoters affected the deposition of arsenic residue in meat. In conclusion, fish meal was the major factor resulting in the arsenic contamination of breast meat in broilers. Roxarsone and rock phosphate do not affect the arsenic level in meat.



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