The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine


Nineteen families of 44 Thai Holstein cattle were evaluated for microsatellite characteristics and the parentage test. A total of 13 microsatellite markers were selected from the genome database and the genomic DNAs were isolated and used as templates for amplification. Multiplex PCR of these thirteen markers in a single reaction showed that only ten markers; b1, b2, b3, b4, b6, b7, b10, b11, b12 and b13 could amplify the fragments ranging from 5 to 12. Nine markers were highly informative with PIC of more than 0.5. An accuracy test revealed that seven markers (b2, b4, b6, b7, b10, b11 and b12) were completely matched with a known relationship. The combination of seven markers in pedigree testing showed 0.9915 and 0.9997 exclusion probabilities for one and both parents exclusion, respectively. We concluded that seven out of the thirteen selected microsatellite markers could be used as a tool in parentage testing in Thai Holstein cattle. This study is a good application for the evaluation of microsatellites DNA in parts of the breeding program and the improvement of livestock production.

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