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To investigate the effects of pentoxifylline (PTX) to enhance the motility and fertilization capacity of semen samples with the low-motile sperm in Asian elephants, fourteen semen collection attempts in 9 elephant bulls by manual stimulation were undertaken and eleven ejaculates fitted the criteria of investigation (0-30% motility). They were divided into two groups: poor-motile (0-9% motility) and low-motile (10-30% motility) sperm groups. Fresh semen samples were divided as a control group and 3 experimental groups that were supplemented with PTX at a final concentration of 0.5, 1.0 and 2.0 mg/ml, respectively. The semen samples were incubated at 37oC for 15 and 30 mins and stained with VIADENT media for viability assessment. Sperm motility and viability were tested using computer-assisted semen analysis. PTX added to the semen did not significantly improve the percentage of the total and progressive motility, motility characteristics and viability of sperm in either the poor-or low-motile groups. However, at 30 min, in the low-motile sperm group, PTX treatment could maintain the percentage of total and progressive motility, path velocity and progressive velocity at a higher level than the control group. The present study indicated that PTX added to low motility semen did not increase elephant semen quality. However, it may partially have a tendency to maintain sperm motility and sperm movement characteristics.

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