The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine


Polymorphism of microsatellite DNA in Thai domestic elephants (Elephas maximus) was studied using five genetic markers including LaT05, LaT07, LaT16, LaT17 and LaT26, in order to determine the efficiency of such markers in parentage identification. Eleven elephants from 5 families and 10 unrelated ones located in the northern, northeastern and central parts of Thailand were tested. It was found that LaT05, LaT16, LaT17 and LaT26 possessed marker sizes of 250-500 bp with numbers of alleles ranging from 4-13, heterozygosity 0.62-0.88 and PIC 0.56-0.87 whereas LaT07 could not be detected in all specimens used. LaT05 and LaT26 appeared to be the most desirable markers with PIC=0.87. Parentage identification using the 4 genetic markers showed the results corresponding to the family history and pedigree record of all specimens with up to 99.74% of efficiency and accuracy. It was concluded that LaT05, LaT16, LaT17 and LaT26 all together could be used in parentage identification.



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