The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine


Pubic symphysiodesis (PS) using a bone plate and screws was performed in 10 hip dysplastic dogs, diagnosed following clinical and radiographic evaluation. After resection of the cranial third of the pubic symphysis, the rest of the symphysis was fixed by a dynamic compression plate and screws. Animal gait, Norberg angle (NA), dorsal acetabular rim slope (DARS) and dorsal acetabular rim angle (DARA) were radiographically evaluated before, immedimtely after, and at 1 and 3 months after surgery. NA and DAR of all dogs were significantly (p<0.05) greater than the preoperative values, while DARS was less than the preoperative value. After surgery, 75% of the hip joints had no Ortolani signs, while all dogs regained normal gait within one week of the operation.

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