The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine


This study compared the efficacy of 2 anthelmintic drugs; a mixture of oxantel pamoate, pyrantel pamoate and praziquantel (OPP) and a mixture of pyrantel pamoate and praziquantel (PP) against hookworm and whipworm infections in dogs. A group of 13 stray dogs of both sexes and older than 1 year from the Bangkok Metropolitan Authority Compound, were selected for being naturally infected with both hookworms and whipworms. They were divided into 3 groups. The first group of 3 dogs was used as untreated controls. The second group of 5 dogs was treated orally with OPP and the last group of 5 dogs was treated with PP using a single oral dose (10 kg body weight per tablet). After administration, faecal samples from all dogs were examined for parasitic eggs (EPG, eggs per gram) on days 1- 7, 14, 21 and 30 using the McMaster Chamber Technique. At the end of the experiment, all dogs were necropsied to look for any remaining worms in the gastrointestinal tract. The efficacy of the drugs was evaluated using the controls as a test sample. The results showed that OPP was highly effective against both hookworms and whipworm with 100% clearance, whereas PP was highly effective against hookworms (99.37-100%) but less effective against whipworms (78.95%).

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