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The objective of the present study was to investigate survival rates, growth rates, weaning weights and the effect of colostrum in low birth weight piglets. The study was made on 288 piglets with a birth weight below 1 kg. After the individual birth weights were measured, the piglets were divided into 2 treatment groups, a control group (the piglets received colostrums after birth from their dams according to the usual management practice) and a colostrum supplemented group (piglets received an extra 20 ml of colostrum within 12 hrs of birth). The study showed that the survival rate of the low birth weight piglets in both groups was 73% and the survival rate increased as the individual birth weights increased (p<0.05). The average weaning weight among the survivors was 3.6 kg. Regression analysis revealed that for every 100 g increase in birth weight, the weaning weight increased by 373 g (p<0.001). On average, the growth rate from birth until weaning was 128.8 g/d. Piglet birth weight significantly influenced the growth rate from birth until weaning (p<0.001). Weaning weights and growth rates did not differ significantly between the two treatment groups (p>0.05).



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