The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine


A placenta was recovered at post mortem from an eld's deer, Cervus eldi siamensis, for anatomical and histological study. Macroscopically, there were eight placentomes, elliptical and cup-like in shape, with an average dimension of 6.19, 4.87 and 3.41 cm. in length, width, and thickness. Branches of the umbilical vessels that connected the placentomes to each other and to the umbilical cord were markedly noticeable. The cross sectioned surface had a radiant appearance of interdigitating structures. The uterine caruncles and fetal cotyledons were convex and concave, respectively. Microscopically, chorionic villi were in contact with the maternal crypts by means of interdigitating. The six tissue layers (3 layers from each side). Some areas were partially devoid of a maternal epithelial lining. From this study, the placentome can be described as a synepitheliochorial placenta. However, it was different in the shape, number and the distribution of villi, from other ruminant placentomes.

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