The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine


Kampon Kaeoket


Real time B-mode ultrasound for ovarian examination in pigs has been used in many experimental studies. All were aimed at elucidating the relationship between the duration of oestrus, the time of ovulation, the time of insemination and fertility. This review describes the uses and benefits of real time B-mode ultrasound for ovulation monitoring and pregnancy diagnosis for fertility control in swine breeding herds. The reliability of diagnosis is very much dependent on the experience of the investigator and the type of ultrasound machine used. It is considered that real time B-mode ultrasound is a useful tool for monitoring the ovulation on a given farm and can be used to establish a farm specific insemination strategy, pregnancy diagnosis and the detection of ovarian cysts. The availability of an inexpensive, lightweight, portable ultrasound machine will greatly facilitate reproductive imaging in the female pig and may prove useful in making management decisions, which can be based on an accurate diagnosis of the reproductive status of the gilt or sow at any point in time.

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