The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine


Propagation of Tembusu virus was studied in LLC-MK2 cell culture. This culture supported the multiplilication of the virus but showed no CPE after infection (20 days observation). The virus formed clear plagues in LLC-MK2 cells when concentration of glutamine and amino acids were reduced. Vitamins were required for increasing numbers of plaques. The LD50 in suckling mice by intracerebral inoculation was equal to 0.6 PFU on the basis of plaque assay in MK2 cells. Study of effect of various concentrations of serum in the first overlay media on plaque formation showed that plaque formation in MK2 cells was best in 2-5% concentration of serum, while 0% concentration of serum caused detachment of the cells from the glass surface and no visible plaques were formed. Vitamins and reduced concentration of glutamine and other amino acids with pH about 8.2 were required in overlay medium for reproducible plaque formation.



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