The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine


This experiment was designed to study the semisynthetic basal diets in relation to the anatomical and physiological evaluations of the pure strain rats. The weanling age of fourty male and female Wistar Furth rats were used. The diets T, TJ, J and a commercial chow pellets had been fed to four separated groups for three months. In all groups, the growing rates of male rats were increased more rapidly than that of females. The commercial chow pellet group increased in body weigth more than Diet TJ, T and J groupe. the levels of blood sugar of all groups were not significantly mg %), SGPT and alkaline phosphatase were also the same (19.2-37.6 SFU and 1.9-5.3 Sigma U. respectively), and SGOT was low in Diet T but the same level in Diet TJ and chow (112.4-142 SFU). Hematological values of all groups were the same, Hb (12.5-15.8 gm %), HCt (36.5-45.5), W.B.C. (4,500-8,700 cells/mm3), PMN (19.2-37 %), and Lympocyte (58-74%).

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