The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine


The semen of ten, fertile, Thai Ridgeback, male dogs was collected by digital manipulation and massage methods, and evaluated once a week for three consecutive weeks. Macroscopic features of the Thai dog semen comprised of 1.0-6.5 ml (x=2.2) of the combined first and second fractions, 0.5-30.0 ml (x=11.9) of the third fraction, a pH between 6.0 to 7.0 (x=6.2), and an opalescent colour. Microscopic features were 60-95% motility (x=82.5), a concentration of 132.5 -2,725.0x106 spermatozoa per ml (x=973.8) and 132.5-7,998.8x106 total spermatozoa per ejaculation (x=1,896.3). The percentage of dead sperms was 1-13% (x=4.2) and those of normal morphology 40.5-91.5% (X=82.7). Sperm abnormalities were also found, the primary abnormality occuring in 4.0-19.1% (x=7.2) and the secondary abnormality in 1.4-16.3% (x=4.9) of the sperms.

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