The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine


Bovine CRP cDNA of 2.2 kb was isolated from bovine liver cDNA library by using the probe containing sequence homologous in human CRP and rabbit CRP. Restriction map of this cDNA showed only one site for each following restriction enzyme EcoRI, HindIII, PstI, Sacl and Xbal. DNA sequence analysis revealed that bovine CRP cDNA has 57 bp coded for signal peptide of 19 amino acid and 618 bp for mature protein of 206 amino acid residues. The first and the last amino acid residues of the mature protein, deduced from its DNA sequence was found to be glutamine and tryptophan, respectively. Deduced amino acid sequence of bovine CRP showed an extensive sequence identity to those of human, rabbit, mouse and hamster CRPs. The deduced amino acid sequence suggested that the low affinity for phosphorylcholine (PC) seen in bovine CRP might be attributted to to the substitution of neutral amino acid for the positively charged residue at the conserved region involved in the PC-binding site. The presence of CRP probably has some biologically important functions which unrelated to PC-binding property.

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