The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine


A quantitative indirect ELISA was developed for use to evaluate pseudorabies (PR) virus infection status of swine of swine herds, herd response to vaccination, and for screening individual pigs for PR virus infection. A total of 568 sera, collected from 15 herds distributed throughout central Thailand, were used in the study. Results indicate that ELISA titers of 48 and 76 units or greater represent virus neutralization titers greater than 4 and 16. Values of these magnitudes are suggestive of effective immune response to vaccination and active infection in vaccinated herds respectively. The sensitivity and percent agreement of the quantitative ELISA was 96.7 and 88.4% respectively. The small difference in agreement between the two tests was due primarily to VN negative sera that reacted positively in the ELISA. The high level of sensitivity of the quantitative ELISA also makes it suitable for use as a screening assay.



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