The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine


A total of 8 crossbred ewes (local x merino) were superovulated with 1,000-1,200 I. U. of PMSG (n=5) or PMSG with GnRH (n=3). The overall positive response of the treatment was 87.5% (7/8). Higher average ovarian response (number of follicles + number of corpus lutea) and higher average ovulation sites were observed in PMSG+ GnRH group than PMSG alone, 10.0 vs 6.25 and 9.3 vs. 4.75, respectively. The recovery rate of each group was 64.3% (18/28) and 52.6% (10/19). The normal embryos in each group were low, 0.33 in PMSG + GnRH group and 1.0 in PMSG group.

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