The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine


The objective of this investigation was to compare the piglets production and reproductive performance of sows reared in the intensive farm and the small traditional farms in the same area. Furthermore, the comparison between the intensive farms from different regions were also made. The determination of the influences of season and parity to litter size, gestation length and interval from weaning to oestrus were also included. The piglets production and sow performance in the wellmanaged intensive farm is better than those of the small farms. There was no significant difference in term of piglets production among the regions. The number of piglets born, born alive and weaned were relatively lesser than those average in Europe. The gestation length and litter size were affected by season. Especially the sows that farrowed during the summer months had gestation length significantly shorter than the other months, while mating the sow during the summer month gave significantly smaller litter size. The interval from weaning to oestrus when weaned piglets

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