The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine


Experiments were conducted to study the effect of Marigold petal concentrate (MPC) and Capsicum annum fruit concentrate (CFC) on egg yolk pigmentation when added to broken rice and corn -ipil ipil basal diets. 120 Isa Brown layers were divided into 24 pens of five. Each pen received successively 3 replications of 8 treatments of 4 different levels of three pigmentors (MPC, CFC, MPC/CFC combined) in both types of basal diets. Production performances were not affected by the three pigmentors. However, there was marked difference in the levels of inclusion and the colors yielded by the three pigmentors. When applied separately, MPC had to be used in greater concentrations than CFC. Yolk colors depended on the type of basal diet. Addition of either MPC or CFC to the pigmented corn ipil-ipil diet yielded an acceptable yellowish orange color. Addition of MPC to the non-pigmented broken rice diet gave a deep yellow yolk color, while CFC tainted egg yolk to an undesirable pinkish orange. A combination of the two pigmentors in an appropriate ratio (1.2:1, MPC: CFC) lowered the required concentrations of MPC and improved the color effect of CFC.



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