The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine


The objective of this investigation was to determine the incidence of infertile and/or subfertile boars in the breeding herd using alternate mating technique. The study was conducted in 3 com mercial farms which had alternate mating system with average boar power of 1:20. A total of one hundred boars were subjected to 137 semen collections and evaluation in conjuction with breeding history. The examination was carried out weekly, boar with any abnormality was subjected to re-examination for another one or two occasions. Problem animals were identified by semen picture as subfertile and infertile 12.0 and 11.0% respectively. For confirmation, they were slaughtered and the testicles were examined both macroscopically and microscopically. Among the eleven infertile boars, 4, ↳ and 1 possessed fibrotic testes, total bilateral testicular degeneration and epididymal dysfunction, respectively.



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