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Late maturity in boar can be diagnosed by the picture of abnormal spermatozoa in infertile mature boar (over 7 months old). After sometime, this boar may improve semen quality and become fertile. A case of late maturity in a Duroc boar aged 10 months old encountered at Ratchaburi province with the history of breeding 4 sows and no conception was reported. By clinical examination, it was shown that both testes were normal in size and consistency. The two semen pictures with 14 days interval revealed 80-90% abnormal sperms especially proximal and distal cytoplasmic droplets and sperm motility was low. Sperm head morphology and sperm concentration was in the normal ranges. After 2 months of rest, he was subjected to reexamine and semen was collected 2 more times with 14 days interval. The semen picture were found comparative to normal one. He was tested for fertility with another 4 sows and all were pregnant.

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