The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine


The sperm characteristics in 10 fertile swamp buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis) were investigated by light microscope,scanning and transmission electron microscope (SEM and TEM}. The semen were obtained by artificial vagina method. Semen analysed in volume, sperm concentration, motility and normal cells were in mormal ranges. SEM studied demonstrated the average dimensions of head and tails. TEM studied revealed that there was nearly homogeneous chromation condensation of sperm head except the nuclear vacuoles at the posterior part of the nucleus. The locomotor apparatus, the axoneme and outer dense fibers, were arranged in the pattern of 9+9+2. The mitochondrial sheath which provided the energy for sperm movement was shown in the middle piece. At the principal piece, the fibrous sheath began immediately behind the annulus ring which marked the caudal limit of the middle piece. Their rib like appearance pro- vided more flagella flexibility and movement. These studies demonstrated that the sperm ultrastructures of the swamp buffalo sperm were not different from other mammalian species, particularly the fertile bull. The present study therefore provided the baseline data of swamp buffalo-sperm characteristics which is useful for further assessment of the buffalo semen quality.



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