The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine


Preweaning data of 336 crossbred rabbits were used to study rabbit growth characteristics from birth to weaning at an average age of of 47.73 ± 3.80 days and factors affecting growth traits. Rabbits were represented by 8 sire and 10 dam genetic groups. The colony was originated from Californian, New Zealand White and Thai native rabbits. All the young nursed their dams until 21 days of age when supplemental pelleted feed was fed. Traits studied were BW, W7, W14, W21, W28, W35, W42, ADG, ADG 1 and ADG2. DBG was an important source of variation in all weight traits (P < 0.1) while SBG was important in BW, W14, W21, W28 and W35. No sex differences observed. ADG, ADG1 and ADG2 were 19.45 ± .51, 12.27 ± .40 and 25.48 ± .71 gm, respectively. Growth pattern of this set of rabbits presented. Selection and crossbreeding programs for superior maternal performance was recommended for commercial rabbit production.

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