The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine


Two types vaccine, formalinized whole cell vaccine (W.C. - vaccine) and polysaccharide vaccine (P.S. vaccine), were prepared from a duck strain of Pasteurella multocida. The immunological responses of rabbits to the vaccines was examined. The passive protection studies of the immunoglobulins were tested in white mice. Two groups of three rabbits each were immunized with each type of vaccines. The W.C. - vaccine was given intravenously 5 times at 3-days intervals. The P.S. - vaccine was given intramuscularly 5 times at 1 - week intervals. The W.C. - vaccine gave highest titer, about 1 1,600 30 days after the first vaccination. The immunity disappeared at the 132 days. The P.S. vaccine gave highest titer, about 1 : 6,400 80 days after the first vaccination. At the end of the experiment, 132 days, the titer was 1 : 400. The results from the passive immunity study indicated that the anti-whole cell globulins gave higher protection in mice than the antipolysaccharide globulins.

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