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438 day-old-piglets from 45 litters and 454 piglets from 127 litters were used for the prevention and treatment purposes in this study which E-coli (70.03%) was the dominant pathogen on this experimental farm. For the first trial, each piglet in each litter was randomly divided into three groups. A single oral dose of Linco-Spectin Pig Pump was administered to the group of 144 piglets compared to another two group of 144 piglets and 150 piglets which were treated with Biosol-M pump and negative control respectively. For the second trial, piglets in each litter which exhibited signs of enteritis were alternately attloted into two groups. 243 piglets and 211 piglets were medicated with Linco-Spectin pump and Biosol-M pump twice daily for 4 days, except where some cases needed more prolonged treatment. For prevention purpose, records were kept on a daily basis from day 1 to day 30 of age. Linco-Spectin pump as well as Biosol-M pump significantly (P<0.05) reduced the incidence of diarrhea for 7 days. Linco-Spectin pump also reduced mortality rate, poor attitude; appetite and diarrhea about 1%, 4% and 8% respectively more than Biosol-M pump over 30 days. Furthermore, daily weight gain in Linco-Spectin pump group (average 162 ± 44.22 gm/piglet/day) was singnificantly (P<0.05) higher than Biosol-M pump group (average 155 ± 46.61 gm/piglet/day) in comparison with control group (average 156 ± 40.13 gm/piglet/day) For treatment purpose, records were kept on a daily from day 1 today 10. Linco-Spectin pump and Biosol-M pump showed no significant (P>0.05) difference in treatment of the disease, both giving about 70% recovery rate within 4 days. Though the Linco-Spectin Pig pump group had a higher mortality rate and were non depressed; (0.76% and 2.03% more than the Biosol-M pump group) the daily weight gain in the Linco-Spectin pump group averaged 143.5145.83 gm/piglet/day which was significantly (P<0.05) higher than the Biosol-M group which averaged 138.82 ± 37.79 gm/piglet/day.

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