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In this volume of PASAA, we are very honoured to have an opportunity to interview Associate Professor Dr. Sun Young Shin from Indiana University, Bloomington Campus, USA. Associate Professor Dr. Sun Young Shin is a language teacher with extensive teaching experience in the US and Asia. He has given numerous plenary presentations at regional and international conferences, and published extensively in the area of L2 assessment, English for academic purposes, Language program evaluation, Web-based language teaching and testing. His latest publications include Does the test work? Evaluating a web-based language placement test (accepted, Language Learning & Technology), Evaluating standard setting methods in an ESL placement testing context (2017, in Language Testing), and Examining prewriting strategies in L2 Writing: Do They Really Work? (2016, in ASIAN EFL Journal). Drawing on his wealth of experience in SLA, second language learning and assessment, Associate Professor Dr. Sun Young Shin shares with us his perspectives on language assessment and language testing, the area that has gained increasing interest among language practitioners and researchers.



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