Yenus Nurie

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Various studies investigating psychological variables associated with reading comprehension are currently available. However, there has been little linguistic research conducted to examine the pedagogical practices of teachers in teaching reading comprehension of EFL Secondary Schools, Ethiopia. The present study was conducted to fill the research gap by examining the current practices of teachers in teaching reading and how the teachers handle and organize reading comprehension. This study employed a descriptive and interpretive case study design that was analyzed through qualitative methods. The data was collected from observations of the most experienced EFL teachers' best representative comprehension classes and interviews with these teachers at Fasilo Secondary School, Ethiopia. The observation results of a corpus of lessons and interviews with teachers about their work were analyzed using an evaluativeinterpretative paradigm. The results of this research revealed two-stranded themes. First, this study revealed that all the teachers exhibited similar practices of teaching reading comprehension, such as, giving assignments and expecting correct responses and a brief description of the topic. It also revealed that the teachers neither focused on the content nor showed any attention to constructing meaning of the content in the text. It is recommended that teachers need to teach reading comprehension in a systematic way to help students be equipped strategies with improving their reading comprehension.



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