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This research study employed the contemporary focus-on-form approach blending grammar instruction and communicative language teaching by means of journal writing to maximize language learners' grammatical ability in formal education. This research study aimed to (a) investigate the effects of journal writing on grammatical ability of the undergraduates and within the groups of highand low-achievers and (b) explore the undergraduates' opinions toward the use of journal writing as a means to improve grammatical ability. The triangulated study, employing the mixed-quantitative and qualitative-­ methods, was conducted in Thailand on 32 first-year Thai university undergraduates' scores in the grammatical test of verbal tenses, questionnaire responses, modified journals, and interview responses. It was found that journal writing had a significant effect on grammatical ability of the low achievers. There were positive opinions toward journal writing on grammatical ability of the participants, and the awareness-raising on actual levels of English-language grammar in high and low achievers.



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