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This paper reports on a case study into a pilot introduction of portfolio assessment and what student impressions and suggestions regarding this alternative form of assessment were among a group of students studying the Introductory English II course in the faculties of Dentistry and Pharmaceutical Science, Mahidol University. Questionnaires used revealed: (1) the most popular learning style was in a whole class with a teacher; (2) most students thought speaking skills were most important but that many also thought listening skills were most important; (3) watching UBC programs with worksheets was ranked the most popular listening activity by the largest group of students but overall there was more high level support for watching videos with exercises in the language lab; (4) speaking with a native speaker was clearly the most popular speaking activity; (5) reading self-selected books was overwhelmingly the most popular reading activity; and (6) that writing a journal/ diary was the most agreeable writing activity. Interviews with students also showed that there was a wide range of opinions on just what should be included in portfolios. One of many suggestions on what to include was to supplement journal/ diary writing with communication with pen-friends via e-mail. Based on the findings, it was concluded that the pilot introduction of portfolio assessment led to more student-centered activities and allowed students more input into which materials they used to practice their English and stress that studentselected materials seem to be more enjoyable for students than materials selected by teachers forstudents.



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