Tanja Greil

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This paper presents the results of a culture-oriented quantitative analysis of three series of English textbooks approved for use at secondary school level (Mathayom 4-6) by the Thai Ministry of Education— Snapshot 1-3, Speed Up to the World Outside 1-3, and Weaving It Together 1-3—all three textbook series being international editions not specifically designed and adapted for Thai learners of English. The focus of the analysis is on cultural representations and references in those books: What is the cultural orientation of the textbooks? And to what extent do reading and listening texts focus on either presenting the life-style and activities of characters (i.e. cultural information at the micro-social level) or on presenting general facts (i.e. cultural information at the macro-social level). The discussion at the end of the paper finally addresses problems arising from using international editions of English textbooks in developing 'intercultural speakers.'



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